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Change is uncomfortable. Change takes time. Change requires effort. Now is the time to feel uncomfortable, open your mind and see what changes you can make towards an anti-racist world.

The death of George Floyd, who was killed as another result of police brutality on May 25th 2020, has put #racialinjustice at the forefront of everyone's mind. Protestors have filled streets all over the world to demand justice for George Floyd and are demonstrating against police brutality and racism. These issues are deep rooted and we all need to do more to integrate #racialequality into our every day work and life.

"What can we do to help?

We have a responsibility as humans to stand up against systems of opression and exploitation. With a large percentage of the world currently at home, with disrupted versions of our normal routine, we are hopefully opening our hearts and our minds to what we can do to see change. We must remember that our actions hold an influence, even on a small scale, so every effort is worth it.

Knowledge and Understanding is key

We must look deeper into our industries and the systems in place that are strengthening the divide between races. The brands we choose are an extension of us and we need to really understand who we are supporting and opressing when we make purchases. An example of this is knowing whether staff/workers are treated and paid fairly. Here are some further questions for you, as a brand, to explore:

As brands we need to ensure our good intentions are met with real action. Time and Soul Studio are commited to continue our learning, unlearning and striving for progress. We stand for black lives. We want to see a real change.

The world only changes if people take action. Please share your knowledge and experiences within this community.

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